The Expressive Vector Engine

EVE is a new implementation of the previous EVE SIMD library by Falcou et al. which for a while was named Boost.SIMD. It's a C++20 and onward implementation of a type based wrapper around SIMD extensions sets for most current architectures. It aims at showing how C++20 can be used to design and implement efficient, low level, high abstraction library suited for high performances.

It's a research project first and an open source library second. We reserve the right to change API and baseline compiler required until the first official 0.1 release. However, we'll try to minimize disruption. Semantic versioning will ensure API retro-compatibility if anything huge needs to change.

Video materials

SIMD in C++20: EVE of a new Era - CppCon 2021

Bibliographic References

If you want to refers to EVE, you can currently use those papers (by order of preference in citation). A new, more up-to-date EVE specific journal paper is in the work atm.

A ready to use Bibtex file can be downloaded here.